Sunday, September 9, 2012

My New App: EndoGoal

As a pediatric endocrinologist and health behavior researcher, I am familiar with what works in diabetes, what doesn't work in diabetes, and what is needed. That is why I designed the EndoGoddess App and now the EndoGoal App, a turn key mobile software engagement program with new rewards and a virtual pet feature named Cooper. The app utilizes an award-winning mobile platform created by Columbus-based startup, Duet Health.  A first of its kind solution, the EndoGoal App creates unique incentives for patients to track their glucoses.

Just like the EndoGoddess App, the EndoGoal App is a glucose journal with a points feature that leads to rewards.

The EndoGoal App now allows you to enter multiple numbers with comments as well although you only need to record 4 glucoses per day to receive rewards. The journal is easy to share by email with your doctor too.

One such reward includes the virtual pet feature. Everytime you record your glucoses with each meal, you get to feed Cooper too. He is along for your journey, you special diabetes dog.

In the coming weeks, the 'real' rewards will include being able to make real purchases on Amazon or real dollars in a health savings account if your employer signs up for the EndoGoal Wellness Program. The application provides an exceptional opportunity for employers to provide a valuable service to employees who have to deal with diabetes. If you are interested in learning more and having us discuss with your Wellness Programming, please send me an email (drjenshinedyer@gmail.com) or sign up on endogoal.com.

Download the EndoGoal App on your Apple products today! Android version to be available soon. Real rewards. Real results.

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  1. I am so thankful to have found your site! I am now 28 but have had T1DM since age 5, and I would've LOVED Cooper if he was available back then. It's funny because my lows have made me want a diabetes dog, but my non-trained chihuahua-mix has recently started waking me up when my blood sugar drops. He spent time smelling my pump when he was a puppy, and I think he knows when the smell of insulin is too much. I know not everyone can have a dog who detects lows, and it would be cool if Cooper could bark if a CGM indicated low blood sugar. Although CGMs aren't covered by insurance companies. Just a thought :) Thanks again for your cool ideas!