Monday, September 17, 2012

EndoGoal Diabetes App Demo

Endogoal Demo from Duet Health on Vimeo.

EndoGoal, my new diabetes app and new version of the EndoGoddess app, is ready for download on both iOS and Android platforms! Who is the app for? ANYONE with diabetes (kids, teens, adults) that is on insulin therapy. Given that 6 million Americans are on insulin therapy for diabetes, it's highly likely that we all know at least one person. Curious how it works? Check out the demo video here. We are looking for employers that would like to decrease their health insurance premiums and use the app program for their employees with diabetes. Please contact me if you or your company would like to know more! :) 

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  1. Great demo Dr Dyer! All - you can find and fund her project on MedStartr here: http://www.medstartr.com/projects/19-endogoddess-diabetes-app-clinical-trial-fundraiser