Friday, December 7, 2012

My New Marriage: Mobile Health Entrepreneurship and Private Practice Endocrinology

As I accepted my degree upon graduation from medical school, I dreamed first about the patients that I would meet and treat from that day forward. However, for the past +1 year, I left my patients and medical practice to start and grow the diabetes apps that I have created with Duet Health so as to reach patients that I will never talk to, know, or treat but that will benefit from these products.

Missing my patients, I have recently dared to ask: is it possible to be both a practicing doctor...

...and a mobile health entrepreneur defining new treatments and boundaries in medicine?

I have learned that dreams can come true if you are daring enough to dream them and then go after them. So...

I have recently accepted an amazing opportunity to both practice medicine at an amazing local Columbus Ohio private practice called COPEDS AND to continue my work with Duet Health as well as growing the EndoGoal Diabetes App (rewards program). At this practice, I am charged with adding new technologies to an already successful and patient-centered practice for children with diabetes and endocrine disorders. I am certainly living the dream...and very happy with my new marriage. :)