Sunday, May 12, 2013

EndoGoal Diabetes App Wins!

EndoGoal Diabetes App recently won entry to the semifinals in New York City at the Healthcare Innovation World Cup Event sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim and HITLab.

At the semifinal event we won $2500 from Boehringer Ingelheim!

We will be using the funds to start building the rewards platform that will accompany the app that has been available for download since September 2012 (ios/android).

EndoGoal App and its rewards platform will provide real money rewards for glucose checks by a person with diabetes. The money comes from friend and family sponsors who matter most to each person with diabetes. On the platform, friends and family can make donations as they see fit to help support their loved one with diabetes.

Points earned by checking glucoses and entering them onto the EndoGoal App journal each day can be 'cashed in' on the rewards platform each week for a prepaid visa card! We will begin building the platform now with the talented Columbus-based nonprofit technology team, GroundWork group. Although we still need to raise more funds to complete the work, stay tuned for future announcements! You can check out the winning EndoGoal demo and business model presentation here: