Thursday, August 23, 2012

Re-Launch: EndoGoddess App Crowdfunding!

Crowdfunding is certainly a trendy, hot topic right now. However, more important, it should never be forgotten that the wisdom of the crowd can do great things. For example, thanks to introductions and partnerships through crowdfunding platform MedStartr, I am now able to relaunch my EndoGoddess Diabetes App Clinical Trial fundraiser for $5,000 rather than $25,000. The incredible price drop is due to a partnership with the social clinical research platform, Genomera.

Genomera is a Silicon-Valley startup founded by Internet and health veterans, who have created a platform that brings the crowd to research. Users, or potential research participants, log in and find ongoing studies that they would like to participate in. By filling out surveys and self-reported health data at various intervals with small gift certificate incentives, recruitment and data collection can transpire without the need for hiring nurse coordinators. Furthermore, the platform allows for a wider geographical sampling of app users and a richer, more 'real-life' data set.

Please consider supporting the EndoGoddess App crowdfunding clinical trial if this is a trend that you would like to see as one option to reduce rising healthcare costs and to improve healthcare quality by the efficient study of mobile health options like the EndoGoddess App: http://www.medstartr.com/projects/19-endogoddess-diabetes-app-clinical-trial-fundraiser

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