Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Whole Food and Technology

What is the heart and soul of good health? It's actually not technology, it's local whole foods. As an endocrinologist, nutrition researcher and a local foods advocate and volunteer at Local Matters (nonprofit in Ohio), I know this is true. I am very excited about the new upcoming awesome PBS series 'Food Forward' which features the important work done by whole food heroes. Here is a trailer for the series:

Perhaps whole food and mobile technology may be next step for good health...definitely a dream for me as a part of the EndoGoddess future. Monetizing a mobile strategy that is a part of the local whole foods ecosystem is unclear to me, however, at this time. Sadly, this prevents me from working on this project at the present time. I would certainly welcome any thoughts or ideas from readers on how to monetize whole food and mobile technology.

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