Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mobile Health Infographic

I recently saw this great infographic in a Mashable article about the growing enthusiasm that physicians feel for the potential of mobile health. According to data by Float Learning consulting firm, 40% of doctors believe that using mobile health technologies such as apps that monitor fitness and eating habits can reduce the number of office visits needed by patients. About 88% of doctors are in full support of patients monitoring their health at home, especially when it comes to watching weight, blood sugar and vital signs, and many believe consumers should take advantage of the apps currently on the market to help along the process.

Seems that first patients embraced mobile health, now physicians are embracing it...next payers? The real explosion will happen upon this embrace, and mobile health entrepreneurs like myself and Duet Health by Eproximiti are definitely ready and waiting for it. The future looks bright! :)


  1. Great infographic! I'd be interested in that 12% that doesn't think patients should use apps at home to help manage their health - wonder why that is? Is it based on age, or demographics or the "I have a medical degree and you don't" mentality?

    1. I'm curious too why the number wasn't 100% of docs suppportive of patients using apps to help manage their help. Am just guessing that those were the physicians who don't know what an app IS or are worried about cell phones causing brain cancer when holding it close to our ears when talking on it (although talking on the phone is not what most of us even use our smartphones for anymore). Thanks for the comment! :)