Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I just finished working on my presentation 'Mobile Apps for Patients' that I will give in Paris in May at Doctors 2.0 and You. Thanks to a joint partnership between Doctors 2.0 & You and Stanford Medicine X, participants who enroll in both conferences will save a total of $500 off the combined entry fees.

Both events are unique in their stance to make sure that patient speakers and patient advocates are able to participate and attend. In my opinion, this is truly in keeping with my personal mission to not only spread new ideas but to extend the potential reach of mobile health to the patients that it serves. For any conference organizers that agree about the importance of patient advocacy and the patient voice, the patients-included logo can be found here for placement on the event website. Furthermore, patient speakers willing to eloquently share their stories and bring healthcare issues to life can be found on http://speakerlink.org/. 

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  1. Very cool! Can't wait to read more about your presentation and the event in a month or so! Sounds very interesting. Love the patient-participation aspect and I'll look forward to also seeing those who step forward to share and be a part of this.