Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Style and Mobile Health

New York Fashion Week started several days ago where innovations in style are celebrated within the fashion world.

Style has an important function in the mobile health world, too. App design and style translate to the user experience. Without a good user experience, there are no users and thus there are no influences on health outcomes. On the EndoGoddess app, I have worked closely with Eproximiti's resident artist to develop an inviting and of course fashionable style to the app so that the user experience is one that is inviting and beautiful.

Another great example of style in mobile health is AgaMatrix' nugget which is a glucometer that works with the iPhone as well as independently and is pending FDA approval soon. The sleek design did not happen by accident. In fact, the chairman and co-founder, Sonny Vu (who is also a friend of mine from Oklahoma), started out college as an art major!

So, what is the future stylish direction for the EndoGoddess app? Integration with a sleek mobile phone glucometer would be ideal so as to eliminate self-entry of glucoses within the app and to make life even easier for those living with diabetes. Just a dream right now.

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