Monday, September 5, 2011

Picking My Partner: Eproximiti Duet Health

When I began programming a simple app to automate the SMS texting protocol that I designed and used in a small pilot study with my patients, I did not intend on making it commercially available. In fact, I intended the app to be used only by myself for research. My original app is pictured on the left.

However, several mobile health startup companies approached me over the past year with ideas to expand the app. I ended up partnering with Eproximiti after they introduced themselves to me. Their software platform is called Duet Health as it involves both the patient and the doctor in development. When we met earlier this year, I was instantly impressed with their patient-centered mission, their local location in Columbus Ohio, and their swift ability to produce beautiful and functional app products. Together, we designed the EndoGoddess app with many more features than the app that I originally programmed on my own. I highly recommend collaborating with Eproximiti to any physicians out there who have a mobile health app idea that they would like to see come to life.

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