Friday, December 9, 2011

EndoGoddess, Mobile Apps, and Congress

Yep, I recently had the opportunity to spend a day in the US Congress at the first congressional hackathon on December 7th in DC. The event brought together technology entrepreneurs and social media enthusiasts to brainstorm how to modernize congress and to make it more social.

Interestingly, the issues and challenges discussed were very similar to those faced in the modernization of medicine:
  • a zero margin of error
  • critical data transfers and data entry in real-time
  • rethinking data so as to make it more useful and engaging to patients/constituents 

Perhaps it is as simple as saying that modern democracy and modern medicine is best when it is transparent and social. It is VERY exciting to be a part of this modern renaissance that claims its success when we are ALL actively participating in our government and our healthcare. Engagement is most certainly my #1 goal in mobile health and measure of success. Here is a great video summary of the event and of what we came up with:

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