Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Basic Economics Wednesdays

As a physician, I have been extensively trained to use science to lead my patients to better health. As a health behavioralist, I have been educated on the models of behavior and influence that help to predict better health. As a journalism undergraduate major, I am well trained in the art of communication and sentence structure. As a mobile health app developer, I am well aware of what is required for the actual development of a product. As a mobile health entrepreneur, I am well educated on business models and actually using a variety of business models to create revenue (and to make a living). However, I have never taken an economics class.

Last night, while watching my favorite 80s movie The Secret of My Success with Michael J. Fox (pictured above), I realized that in a plot central to the movie, I did not fully understand the economic principles behind the corporate response of expansion vs. retraction in the face of economic change. The principles of economics were actually present throughout the entire movie, affecting all of the characters' behaviors.

Starting today, I am aiming to change my economics knowledge so that I can better predict not only the movie character's behaviors but also mobile health users behaviors given that economics has a role that is often overlooked. No matter how busy, I am dedicating Wednesday afternoons to reading the principles of economics. I have chosen Thomas Sowell's Basic Economics as the text. I will be reflecting on the lessons that I am learning each week here on this blog as they relate to health behaviors and mobile health. Perhaps the 'E' in EndoGoddess will also stand for Economics?! :)

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